Jellyfish Farther and Wider

The media that has found something to showcase in SPINELESS has really exceeded anything I could imagine. So here’s the latest, with all my gratitude!

Over the weekend, SPINELESS received an amazing review in the Wall Street Journal. I loved all the science packed into this piece, and the placement–above the fold–was beyond my wildest dreams!

National Geographic is out today with awide-ranging interview in their Book Talk feature written by Simon Worral. They headed up the piece with an illustration of a fierce box jellyfish that’s snagged a fish. Click and read to find out what I really think about jellyfish and world domination!

I’m really thrilled that Read it Forward includes SPINELESS in their list of favorite November reads.

I had a rollicking conversation about jellyfish on WHYY’s Radio Times with Mary Cummings-Jordan last week. And a terrific conversation with WMUW Wichita’s Beth Golay for Marginalia: the podcast that’s been released.



This review in The Atlantic by Rebecca Giggs is truly sublime. If you want to be swept up in the elegance, mystery, and magic of jellies, read on. 

And I’m just thrilled to be on this amazing list of books to read to escape from your family over the holidays at Bustle! I know a thing or two about sticking my nose in a book to avoid doing the dishes.

Whoa – this Popular Science list is amazing!!

And huge thanks to Buzzfeed, HelloGiggles, and Cosmo for putting SPINELESS on their best-of lists. I am melting at what Hello Giggles wrote: SPINELESS is a book that will make you feel smarter and not only more aware of your surroundings, but more aware of yourself.


What an honor to receive this incredible review by Alaska Writer Laureate, Nancy Lord.

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