Back to Tela!

I’m headed back to Tela, Honduras tomorrow for two back-to-back trips. Bags are packed to the hilt![<- that link to an instagram packing reel I’m probably too proud of] My suitcases are full of loads of scientific gear, including an awesome stereomicroscope that we can use to look for coral babies on

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Florida Simmers

Plenty has been written and said about what’s happening right now on the Florida Reef Tract, and so I’ve been slow to say any more, to add to the sadness. The Florida Reef Tract is the third largest in the world, about 380 miles long, stretching from north of Miami beyond Key

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Juli and Asst Secretary Monica Median


It was an honor to meet Asst. Secretary Monica Medina, and offer her a copy of LIFE ON THE ROCKS. At the Society for Environmental Journalism’s Annual Meeting in 2022, I was asked to moderate a session on ocean plastic, a topic I’ve followed for about a quarter century. The issue came

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