Ever thought about how fast jellyfish can swim? I really hadn't either until I had this fun conversation with Jordan Dunbar for the BBC show More or Less. (The answer starts around 23:30, or check out my blog.)

Looking for some quaran-reads? Here's some of my picks of great science writing by women in Austin Woman. They are all so wonderful! (Plus, the fun graphic)

Truly a joy to share this wide-ranging conversation with Kara Grace Muzia on her wonderful podcast, So You Want to Be a Marine Biologist

This Q&A was a great treat, from Tara Lohan and the Center for Biological Diversity's The Revelator.

Love this interview about motherhood and jellyfish with the wonderful Eileen McGinnis in Literary Mama.

A fun interview on "The Allure of Something That's Barely There" with Cider Spoon Stories

ABC's Late Night Live with Phillip Adams: The Science of Jellyfish

Salt Lake City's NPR, Radio West with Doug Fabrizio: Jellyfish and the Art of Growing a Backbone

Inquiring Minds with Kishore Hari: Jellyfish Science

Fox News Extra with Dr. Manny: Expert: Jellyfish stings are fastest in the animal kingdom

Radio New Zealand: The Science of Jellyfish

Science Friday: Jellyfish - The Misunderstood Genius of the Sea

KATU AM Northwest: "Spineless" Author, Juli Berwald

Forum with Michael Krasny, KQED: The Mysterious Lives of the Jellyfish

Maryville Talks, HEC-TV: A Jellyfish Journey (This one won an Emmy!)

NPR with Ari Shapiro: In 'Spineless,' How Jellyfish Have Survived Throughout Time

KERA's Think with Lauren Silverman: Jellyfish: A 500-Million-Year Mystery

Radio Times with Mary Cummings-Jordan: Vanishing Insects/Blooming Jellyfish on WHYY's

Kirkus' Fully Booked with Clay Smith: Matthew Wiener and Juli Berwald

WMUW Wichita with Beth Golay: Marginalia: the podcast

Think Again with Jason Gots: A Big Think Podcast: Our Jellyfish Overlords

Minnesota Public Radio News with Kerri Miller: A look inside the beautiful, bizarre world of jellyfish

The Texas Standard Radio Show: This Science Book is for People Who Wouldn't Normally Read a Science Book