Ever thought about how fast jellyfish can swim? I really hadn't either until I had this fun conversation with Jordan Dunbar for the BBC show More or Less. (The answer starts around 23:30, or check out my blog.)

Looking for some quaran-reads? Here's some of my picks of great science writing by women in Austin Woman. They are all so wonderful! (Plus, the fun graphic)

Truly a joy to share this wide-ranging conversation with Kara Grace Muzia on her wonderful podcast, So You Want to Be a Marine Biologist

This Q&A was a great treat, from Tara Lohan and the Center for Biological Diversity's The Revelator.

Love this interview about motherhood and jellyfish with the wonderful Eileen McGinnis in Literary Mama.

ABC's Late Night Live with Phillip Adams: The Science of Jellyfish

Salt Lake City's NPR, Radio West with Doug Fabrizio: Jellyfish and the Art of Growing a Backbone

Inquiring Minds with Kishore Hari: Jellyfish Science

Fox News Extra with Dr. Manny: Expert: Jellyfish stings are fastest in the animal kingdom

Radio New Zealand: The Science of Jellyfish

Science Friday: Jellyfish - The Misunderstood Genius of the Sea

KATU AM Northwest: "Spineless" Author, Juli Berwald

Forum with Michael Krasny, KQED: The Mysterious Lives of the Jellyfish

Maryville Talks, HEC-TV: A Jellyfish Journey (This one won an Emmy!)

NPR with Ari Shapiro: In 'Spineless,' How Jellyfish Have Survived Throughout Time

KERA's Think with Lauren Silverman: Jellyfish: A 500-Million-Year Mystery

Radio Times with Mary Cummings-Jordan: Vanishing Insects/Blooming Jellyfish on WHYY's

Kirkus' Fully Booked with Clay Smith: Matthew Wiener and Juli Berwald

WMUW Wichita with Beth Golay: Marginalia: the podcast

Think Again with Jason Gots: A Big Think Podcast: Our Jellyfish Overlords

Minnesota Public Radio News with Kerri Miller: A look inside the beautiful, bizarre world of jellyfish

The Texas Standard Radio Show: This Science Book is for People Who Wouldn't Normally Read a Science Book