Spineless is about jellyfish, and yes, jellyfish are spineless. They are gross, gooey--and they sting. But jellyfish are also positioned for success in today’s carbon-rich, polluted, overfished, and overdeveloped ocean. The message from jellyfish is that we haven’t yet taken responsibility for our impacts on our planet. A gap exists between where we are and where we are still realizing we need to be. There's opportunity in that gap, but to cross it, we need to grow a spine. Spineless is now available. Spineless will be published in the UK/Australia April 30. Preorder now.


Marine invertebrates stole my heart on my first snorkel in the Red Sea during college. Hoping to study the ocean forever, I spent seven years building mathematical algorithms to interpret satellite imagery of the ocean, receiving my Ph.D. in ocean science. My husband stole my heart next, and I drifted away from the ocean to Austin, Texas to be with him. Landlocked, I wrote textbooks and popular science articles for National Geographic Magazine, Oceanus, Redbook, and before the story of jellyfish led me back to the sea.