Juli Berwald

Florida Simmers

Plenty has been written and said about what’s happening right now on the Florida Reef Tract, and so I’ve been slow to say any more, to add to the sadness. The Florida Reef Tract is the third largest in the world, about 380 miles long, stretching from north of Miami beyond Key …

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Happy World Ocean Day!

Here’s a little collab between TelaMarine and me for World Ocean Day!     https://www.juliberwald.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/45dd5361-16d4-4d3c-afea-1d4c54bf8188.mp4


When I got the email from my publisher that LIFE ON THE ROCKS was a finalist for the LA Times Book Award, my heart dropped. I gasped out loud. My daughter, Isy was still waking up and she cracked her door open, “What happened?” she asked groggily. I jumped up and hugged …


Juli and Asst Secretary Monica Median


It was an honor to meet Asst. Secretary Monica Medina, and offer her a copy of LIFE ON THE ROCKS. At the Society for Environmental Journalism’s Annual Meeting in 2022, I was asked to moderate a session on ocean plastic, a topic I’ve followed for about a quarter century. The issue came …

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cover of Booklist magazine featuring LIFE ON THE ROCKS

LOTR Reviews

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I’ve had my share of sweaty palms about the reviews for LIFE ON THE ROCKS. This is a book about coral science, but also a deeply personal book. As I wrote this book, the world was hit by the Covid crisis, a new …

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Field Trip to the Zoo

“You operated on that eel?” I asked, my eyes opening wide. Nathan Marcucci, the manager of the aquarium at the San Antonio Zoo, nodded and pulled out his phone showing me a video of how, along with the Zoo’s veterinarian, he’d built a constant flow system to move water over the anesthetized …

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Juli holding galley of Life on the Rocks

Glorious Galleys!

They’re here!! They’re here!! What an incredible feeling to hold the physical book of Life on the Rocks in my hands. There’s something almost unreal about paging through the text that’s so beautifully laid out after having it glowing out at me from a screen for so long. This book holds a …

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Texas Monthly Cover

Coral Update

I’ve been quiet on this blog for quite a while, but I’ve been busy writing about coral. Life on the Rocks: Building a Future for Coral Reefs is turned in and in production. I’m so excited for it to come out next spring. I’ve seen the cover – and it’s amazing. I …

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