Glorious Galleys!

Juli holding galley of Life on the Rocks

They're here!! They're here!!

What an incredible feeling to hold the physical book of Life on the Rocks in my hands. There's something almost unreal about paging through the text that's so beautifully laid out after having it glowing out at me from a screen for so long. This book holds a lot of emotion for me: it's full of loss and struggle, but also a lot of hope. I feel incredibly lucky with the care and effort Riverhead took making this book look so gorgeous. Holding it feels like the gift that it is.

I just have to include the two AMAZING blurbs on the back:

"Everyone who cares about the health of our planet should read these riveting, vivid, and information-packed pages. I recommend this book to ocean-loving humans everywhere." -Sy Montgomery, author of Soul of an Octopus

"A personal and poetic dive into the watery wonders of coral." -James Nestor, New York Times bestselling author of Breath and Deep

There's still a long way to go before Life on the Rocks is on shelves in April 2022. There's still much to do to launch it into the world. I'll keep you posted here!

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