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The Epidemic No One’s Talking About

For the last few months, the world has been watching the spread of the deadly coronavirus and lives have been upended in the uncertainty of its trajectory. Governments have been mobilizing their responses and businesses have shut down operations. And all the while there’s been another lethal and massive epidemic building. One …

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On Protocooperation

I’ve been getting Google alerts on the word “jellyfish” since 2010. For eight years a daily roundup of jellyfish news from across the web has been rolling across my inbox in the mid-afternoon. I’ve seen most of the stories several times. I’ve seen giant jellyfish drifting near video cameras on oilrig platforms that …

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Jellyfish Art, a Polyp Finder, The New York Times & Helen Macdonald!

I’ve had the most extraordinary response from SPINELESS. Beyond anything I could imagine. I thought I might share some more of that goodness here.  It’s been amazing visiting book clubs around Austin and talking with readers, from groups of lawyers and doctors, to groups of women who have been reading together for …

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Jelly Bells & Holiday Reads

Look what the marvelous people at Riverhead made! Happy Holidays, everyone!

Jellyfish Farther and Wider

The media that has found something to showcase in SPINELESS has really exceeded anything I could imagine. So here’s the latest, with all my gratitude! Over the weekend, SPINELESS received an amazing review in the Wall Street Journal. I loved all the science packed into this piece, and the placement–above the fold–was …

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Where You Can Find Spineless & Me

Spineless’s birthday is a week from today! And I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to talk about jellyfish in a bunch of wonderful venues. Here’s a rundown: November 4, 2017 at 1 pm. Texas Book Festival! I’ll be talking with polar scientist Peter Wadhams and geneticist Spencer Wells in the CSPAN/Book TV …

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Jellyfish Far and Wide

I’m pinching myself. SPINELESS is out in the world, and it’s been getting some incredible coverage. I’m going to give a rundown here, because each one of these shout-outs about jellyfish and our oceans’ health means so much to me. And what’s more, the variety of places where SPINELESS is showing up …

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