jellyfish plastic bag cartoon

A Bit on Plastic

You probably know that feeling of waking up the next morning and thinking, “Dang, I really should’ve said that differently!” That’s how I woke yesterday. This week, I was honored to be part of a panel about climate change that featured Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist who has done an enormous amount …

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IYOR The Ocean Agency Coral Bleaching

Science as Muse

As someone who cares deeply about the future of our planet, I also feel strongly that the only way forward is to work together. For that reason, I’ve been very intentional about remaining non-partisan in my public positions. I have been vocal about about limiting fossil fuel emissions, but realistic that it …

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On Bringing: Away and Toward

For the last month on Mondays at lunchtime, I’ve been logging on to a Zoom Spanish class with a half a dozen other women. All of us have varying degrees of high school, college, and life experience that qualify us as “intermediate” speakers. We all intermittently confuse the differences between ser and …

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Juli Berwald Blog - The other epidemic

The Epidemic No One’s Talking About

For the last few months, the world has been watching the spread of the deadly coronavirus and lives have been upended in the uncertainty of its trajectory. Governments have been mobilizing their responses and businesses have shut down operations. And all the while there’s been another lethal and massive epidemic building. One …

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On Protocooperation

I’ve been getting Google alerts on the word “jellyfish” since 2010. For eight years a daily roundup of jellyfish news from across the web has been rolling across my inbox in the mid-afternoon. I’ve seen most of the stories several times. I’ve seen giant jellyfish drifting near video cameras on oilrig platforms that …

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Jellyfish Art, a Polyp Finder, The New York Times & Helen Macdonald!

I’ve had the most extraordinary response from SPINELESS. Beyond anything I could imagine. I thought I might share some more of that goodness here.  It’s been amazing visiting book clubs around Austin and talking with readers, from groups of lawyers and doctors, to groups of women who have been reading together for …

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Jelly Bells & Holiday Reads

Look what the marvelous people at Riverhead made! Happy Holidays, everyone!