Back to Tela!

I’m headed back to Tela, Honduras tomorrow for two back-to-back trips. Bags are packed to the hilt![<- that link to an instagram packing reel I’m probably too proud of] My suitcases are full of loads of scientific gear, including an awesome stereomicroscope that we can use to look for coral babies on […]

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Field Trip to the Zoo

“You operated on that eel?” I asked, my eyes opening wide. Nathan Marcucci, the manager of the aquarium at the San Antonio Zoo, nodded and pulled out his phone showing me a video of how, along with the Zoo’s veterinarian, he’d built a constant flow system to move water over the anesthetized

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Juli holding galley of Life on the Rocks

Glorious Galleys!

They’re here!! They’re here!! What an incredible feeling to hold the physical book of Life on the Rocks in my hands. There’s something almost unreal about paging through the text that’s so beautifully laid out after having it glowing out at me from a screen for so long. This book holds a

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On Protocooperation

I’ve been getting Google alerts on the word “jellyfish” since 2010. For eight years a daily roundup of jellyfish news from across the web has been rolling across my inbox in the mid-afternoon. I’ve seen most of the stories several times. I’ve seen giant jellyfish drifting near video cameras on oilrig platforms that

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