Groping for Hope?

  Last week I attended the SXSWeco conference in Austin and had the enormous pleasure of meeting, Katharine Hayhoe, a climate scientist whose mission is to connect people over solutions to climate change, one of the most polarizing issues in our country. There is no one more articulate at explaining why we all share the values needed to solve climate change. Oh, and she’s also an Evangelical Christian, which puts her in a very lonely place on the Venn diagram of the United States. Katharine is such a breath of fresh air during a tough season. From a Presidential election with too much talk about groping to more bombs in the Middle East and the horror of Hurricane Matthew, it’s been a cacophony of bad news lately. But just when it has all seemed too much, there, in the usually gloomy recesses of climate change news, Katharine pointed out that some truly wonderful stories […]

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