Peanutbutter Jellyfish

When you think jelly, don’t you naturally think peanut butter? So it’s conceivable that if you are someone who spends your days working with jellyfish, the wild idea to try to grow your brood on peanut butter might flit through your mind. But the fact that aquarist Zelda Montoya tried it, and got it to work, well that’s a jellyfish of a different color. Literally. Her peanut butter jellyfish turned a buttery brown after feeding. Montoya, a jellyfish aquarist at the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park in Dallas, says her baby jellyfish usually eat brine shrimp, also known as Sea Monkeys. Once in a while, she feeds them a treat: a protein shake made of whatever frozen fish and shrimp she finds in the aquarium’s freezer. “I tend to drink a lot of protein shakes myself. And peanut butter was one I was drinking often. So I thought, […]

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A Winning Lottery Ticket

“More Canadian-produced Crown Royal is shipped to Texas than anywhere else,” explained Canadian Ambassador Gary Doer speaking to the Jackson School of Geosciences at UT just before spring break. Tall, distinguished, with a shock of gray-hair, Doer added, “I think it would be easier to get whiskey in a pipeline to Texas than oil.” The quip was aimed at the elephant in the room, the controversial Keystone-XL Pipeline, which is intended to ferry oil from the tar sands of central Canada to refineries near Houston. Environmental groups have launched attacks on the pipeline and their loud opposition grabbed the attention of the Democrats, including President Obama, who has delayed giving the project his approval for almost five years. Demonstrating Canada’s awareness of and involvement with key environmental issues, Doer reminded the audience of the Montreal Protocol, signed in Canada, which brought together the entire world to bar […]

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Jellyfish in Japan


I walked through the grocery store with a secret. I put the individual cups of mac-and-cheese that I found so repulsive, but that my kids clamored for, in my cart. Still, inside I was smiling. I swung my cart past the boxes and boxes of Technicolor cereal, pulled a cartoon-emblazoned brand off the shelf, and nonetheless gloated. I loaded snack-sized metalized polypropelyne bags of air-riddled, cheese-flavored corn puffs on my pile–and my heart soared anyway. Because I knew something no one else around me knew.

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